Electronic access control systems allow you to monitor and control who has access to your property and the assets within it.

Our high-tech systems give you full autonomy and visibility over who enters your premises at what times.

High quality access control

The right access control system protects your business. Allowing you to monitor and control the people that can access your building or the secure areas within it.

Access control systems protect your assets, deter criminals and monitor who is on site. They can be used to monitor site activity and manage evacuation processes during an emergency.

Supporting business

Access control systems can be used to control any premises including offices and manufacturing plants.

Removing the need for traditional keys, they streamline your property management procedures and give you piece of mind.

If an access fob is lost or access needs to be revoked from an individual, this can be removed remotely and/or codes changed instantaneously.

Key features

  • Full control over who enters your business premises
  • Full accountability over who is on site
  • Protection of the assets within the business
  • Integration with existing security systems/procedures

Access can be controlled on a building wide level or just for certain areas that need to be secured such as IT server rooms. The most common door entry systems are operated by fobs, swipe cards or tokens which allow access through electronically controlled doors. If these are lost or stolen they can be individually deactivated without affecting the rest of the system. Other door entry systems available include simple keypad entry, where the keypad code can be updated on a regular basis to restrict access.

Our access control range includes the following

  • Networked Locking System
  • Handle Sets
  • Electronic Cylinders
  • Wall Readers
  • Glass Doors
  • Carriers
  • Management Tools
  • Software
  • Lockers

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