Technology is changing the way in which children are educated at a rapid pace.

Articulate are at the forefront of delivering interactive products within the education sector to enhance the modern learning experience.

Smart classes

Smart classes are designed to make learning fun, using computers fitted to a projector.

Each smart class involves the teacher using a viewing screen which is attached to a projector. Students can interact with the audio-visual information to learn about the topic.

Key features

Access to the world of online information.

  • Interactive environment to improve learning outcomes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to maintain software

Smart whiteboards

Children are growing up during the age of digital technology and adapt to new technology at a rapid pace.

As digital natives they are comfortable to interactive technology driven learning experiences.

Our Smart Whiteboard enables teachers to engage with students in an exciting technology driven way.

Using Smart Technology teachers can upload images and videos to the whiteboard. It also allows students to use the board to demonstrate their work or deliver presentations in much more engaging and visually stimulating way.

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