At articulate we provide high-quality CCTV to monitor the security of your home or business premises and deter criminal behaviour.

As market specialists we can offer the latest high-tech systems to meet your requirements whatever they be.

Beyond security

CCTV cameras are primarily a monitoring tool; however, research shows that CCTV is an effective deterrent against criminal activity. The quality of our cameras means that any suspicious or criminal activity can be monitored and actioned in real-time and provide excellent clarity when identifying suspects.

CCTV can also be used to monitor and protect your staff and customers from a health and safety or compliance/auditing perspective. Monitoring those working alone, interacting with the public or transferring the transfer of monies or assets can give you peace of mind that your business and people are protected. Having everything recorded reduces the risk to you, your employees and customers and when there are issues provides key evidence.

Keep your premises secure

IP CCTV (internet protocol closed circuit television) is the future of CCTV.

Our IP CCTV cameras are ideal to monitor all parts of your business or home. As they are internet connected you can view the images on any PC from any location, and can share your images with the relevant members of your team and authorities.

Hassle free installation

Unlike traditional cameras our IP CCTV models are much easier to install, as they do not require as much cable and wiring.

As well as stress free installation our team can integrate the IP CCTV into your computer system to ensure easy access to images and video content.

Key features

  • Live video feed of your premises
  • High quality images to be used as evidence
  • Fully integrated into your business security system
  • Minimal disruption to your workplace during installation

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Our CCTV team will be happy to undertake a site assessment to make sure we provide you with the right IP CCTV system for your business.

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