UPS & Small Electrical Works.

Our Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system provides your business with protection from power cuts.

Don't risk it

Downtime due to electrical failure can potentially cost a business a fortune and even put it out of business.

A power outage can have a major impact on IT and Security solutions. Whether this is a security control room that can no longer operate effectively, essential business servers that stop businesses services operating or local users with no operational PC’s or phones. Therefore, it is important businesses have access to a solution that protects them from any unexpected volatility in the power supply.

What is a UPS?

Our UPS system provides your business with piece of mind knowing you can continue to function if the worst happens.

The UPS provides near instant protection from power cuts. Unlike a traditional emergency power system, the UPS kicks in immediately when a power outage occurs.

Providing peace of mind

Our team are CENELEC qualified engineers with a wealth of experience in installing and designing structured cabling.

This can make it a key part of your businesses Business Continuity Management (BCM) the plan that ensures that your business has plans in place for the unexpected. To give you piece of mind our team will install the UPS device and manage the delivery. We also provide an after-care service to ensure your UPS is fully functional.

Power of the USP

  • Protects data
  • Minimises disruption to your business operations
  • Provides you with piece of mind

Contact us

As well as the UPS system our team of skilled engineers can help with small electrical works. We can help with modifications to meet demands of new production lines, additional power points and undertake minor repairs.

Do get in contact with us if you feel your business could benefit from our UPS system.