Articulate design and install perimeter and site access security solutions for integration into your access control system.

Using the latest technology, they also provide enhanced site monitoring and control over the security of restricted areas.

Be in full control

The right access control system protects your business. Allowing you to monitor and control the people that can access your building or the secure areas within it.

Access control systems protect your assets, deter criminals and monitor who is on site. They can be used to monitor site activity and manage evacuation processes during an emergency.

As a visual deterrent for would-be intruders they can also be a way of controlling who has access to the different areas of your site.

Gates and barriers can be installed internally or externally within your premise. To ensure that only authorised personnel have access to the different areas of your building.

The right gate or barrier can have a huge impact on the security of your building. We offer a full range of turnstiles and barriers to suit your security requirements. Our high-tech gates and barriers also enable better monitoring of sites and secure restricted areas.

Controlling movement around your site can also be an important tool for compliance purposes, particularly for businesses handling sensitive information or products.

Integrate your security system

Gates and barriers make your building most secure when integrated into a full security system.

Articulate design security systems that integrate gates and barriers with CCTV and access control systems to secure and monitor your premises. This puts control of your security system at your fingertips, whilst retaining the control over your building 24 hours a day. An added feature to this approach is the creation of an audit trail that can be used for compliance, audit and investigation purposes.

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Gates and barriers can be utilised to provide an effective approach to the segregation of pedestrians and vehicles within the workplace.

The safety of all staff and visitors within all environments is of paramount importance. Utilising gates and barriers within industrial facilities is a very important part of keeping staff and visitors safe.

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