The Articulate HOTSPOT fire detection system can detect potentially life-threatening situations earlier than traditional warning devices.

In paper yards, recycling centres to rubber shredding facilities the “HOTSPOT” system can be invaluable.

High quality fire detection

In environments where the risk of fire is high due the presence of large amounts of combustible material reacting quickly to threats is vital.

Our thermal fire detection systems use the latest technology to detect the subtlest changes in temperature and alert when action is required. The extra minutes or seconds this protection provides can help safeguard your business by giving your team time to react. This reduces the risk of a life-threatening situation developing.

Pin-point precision

A thermal fire detection system can be designed to provide pin-point automatic extinguishing capabilities.

This means that once a risk is identified the system can automatically start acting and de-escalating the threat.

This ability reduces the risk of an emergency developing which increases the safety of your business. As well as protecting the people within the business, this can have a significant impact on the cost of insuring your facility.

Protecting many industries

Our thermal fire detection systems are used across many different industries. Examples of effective use include paper factories and waste plants.

The use of the thermal fire detection systems keeps staff and business premises safe.

Key features

  • Detect subtlest changes in temperature
  • Instant extinguishing capabilities
  • Full system maintenance

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To provide you with the correct thermal fire detection system our team of engineers will undertake a full site assessment of your facility and manage the installation process.

Contact us to arrange a thermal fire detection assessment to find out if thermal heat detection could help safeguard your business.